Mobile Media Applications - a cursory review by a journalism junkie

As a journalism student, it is my duty to absorb as much news as I can, in whatever format I am able to.
As I mentioned in an earlier post, the University of Arkansas offers free newspapers. This quickly became a problem, as my house began to look like a recycling center...So I began just reading papers at lunch, in the school's union, then putting them back in the box from whence they came..(Whence. Seriously.)

But, pray tell, how would I keep myself occupied on the bus? The answer was sitting in my hand. Glued to it, as most people's are. My smartphone! I didn't realize that it had more uses other than texting, getting emails, making/receiving calls and playing Angry Birds.

This is the list of apps I use throughout the day to follow news on an international level:

The New York Times app. This was just updated a few days ago, and it is fast, slick, and has a fast
news cycle. If I had to choose just one news app, this would be the one!

The BBC News App Some of the best international news around. You will regularly see stories a day or earlier on the BBC's news that haven't made it to local outlets. Plus, you get to read words like "maths" on a
regular basis - and that alone makes it worth the time needed to download!

The USGS (United States Geological Survey) News Because of my majors, journalism and geology, this blends those two worlds seamlessly in a nice and easy to use package! Breaking news, earthquake reports,
volcano reports, biological reports, and much more!

And since the heartless phrase, "If it bleeds, it leads" is such an often quoted line, I feel obligated to watch for any events which may play out on news sites. I use the following apps for just that!

Earthquake Report is exactly what it sounds like it is - an up to the minute list of earthquakes around the world. You can filter it to only show those over, say, a magnitude of 5. I keep it at above 3, just to see how the practice of fracking is effecting Arkansas. There was a single day in which dozens of small tremors hit us. All from greedy, oil-hungry evil geologists.

MKA Alerts displays information about  "earthquakes, tropical cyclones, volcanic activity and floods that have occurred around the globe" and allows you to click on the event on the map and pull up more information. If you are a reporter, an Earth sciences student, or just a weirdo who, like me, likes to know when it is flooding in Mongolia, this app is perfect for you!

I'm certain I don't need to explain what The Weather Channel is to anyone on the planet! It's just nice to know if it is going to rain!

A commenter recommended I check out the Economist, so off I go to the Android market to see if they have an app!


  1. I think it's ctrl+V you're looking for :3

  2. i can barely oper ate a blender...but i'd sure appreciate if the 21st century would just slow down a bit for us old farts...

  3. Lol, something is missing here...

  4. Good for you! I wish i had the patience to read the news

  5. What the...

  6. technology solves all

    following. get back at me

  7. BBC news has always been my favorite for news.

  8. Hah, nice :) No earthquakes here though :P

  9. i like your blog. keep up the good work

  10. Another interesting read! Great blogger!

  11. Lol, of course, phone's are computer's now! Good post.

  12. I personally use the BBC one and its good.

  13. Gotta do what you need to to keep up with the news I suppose.

    Glad I still have this blog on my morning coffee. Please check out mine?

  14. I never really pay attention to news, unless it's plastered all over the internet

  15. You did not know this? I use my smartphone to search information on things I wish to know about, I don't really read the newspaper, unless its actually made out of paper!


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