Radio Format

Create your own radio station – but it must be potentially viable and  have a chance to succeed financially.   It must be as if for a regularly licensed broadcast station and not for a satellite program. 

List station call letters, location (city and state), and format.

Give examples of what the programming would be – if a music format, indications of some of the music that would be played.

Will there be newscasts or other special features?

Who will the advertisers be and how do they relate to the audience and format?   Be specific.   What would be the likely demographics of your audience? 

This assignment may be entirely written or you may submit a regular-size cassette tape  or CD with samples of what your station would sound like.  The tape or CD should not be more than about 10 minutes (maximum).  For music it is not necessary to play entire selections, but give a sample of the kind of music to be played.  You may use recordings of announcements, advertisements, etc., from on-air stations if you prefer or do all your own announcing.

If you submit a tape, it should be accompanied by a one-page brief summary of your station and an indication that you are submitting a tape/CD.  Make sure your name is on the tape or CD   If possible, submit the CD and accompanying paper in a large envelope.  . 


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