NPRs "On The Media"

While driving to Iowa to visit my brand new niece and her parents, I was lucky enough to catch an episode of "On the Media" on NPR. This has always been one of my favorite shows, but this one was a bit different - they were analyzing themselves. The show was a direct result of the firestorm in congress over defunding public media (both PBS and NPR). The people being interviewed were very critical and objective, and it made me wonder: Would Fox News have the chutzpa to do anything similar? (I suppose that shows my personal bias there!) In the end, they agreed that most of the news was, indeed, just factual and not biased. One point that was brought up, however, was undeniable. The day that the Democrats got the house majority, the jubilation of NPR broadcasters was obvious - and while this is not in and of itself bias, it did make me chuckle! I must say that I have a new found respect for the staff at NPR after this show. I'm going to include a link, if you care to listen to it yourself.


  1. I hate TV news now, it just seems so fake like they are putting on a show for ratings. When I want news I go to the internet, much faster and no sweeps BS.


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