University of Arkansas and the free newspapers

I love my school, the University of Arkansas here in Fayetteville. As a journalism student, I need to stay on top of all things news related, and that includes daily reading of the papers I find to be good sources of hard news. If I was forced to, I would go broke buying the New York Times and the Arkansas Democrat Gazette. But luckily I don't have to! Free newspapers (five to choose from!) Couple that with an Android phone stocked with electronic versions of all the major players, and I ALMOST feel like I know what the hell is going on. Every once in a while I will pick up a copy of USA Today, but if I have already read the Times, my brain evacuates through my nose. IF, however, I read it first - say, when staying at a hotel.... Something odd happens. I don't mind it at all. It's soothing. It pats you on the back and says, "You know what, buddy? Everything is going to be just fine. See? Pretty colors! Look at the weather in Des Moines - happy we aren't there right now!"

The Times? Oh man. It has stripped what little innocence I had left, time after time. And then poured salt on the wound. The world is going to hell in a hand basket, but when the writing is spectacular and factual, it really FEELS that way.When it's glossy and perky, it just numbs the message.

The news is still Libya, Japan, Israel, and Sudan. I'm happy that I can keep so informed from multiple sources ...

Some would probably suffer from information overload....I guess if you want to be a journalist, you are the kind of person who just can't get enough.

So from what I have gathered today:

  • The rebels in Libya are making advances
  • There appears to be more radiation in Japan
  • Geraldine Ferraro passed away

And about ten more pages worth of head shaking sadness.


If you are a news junkie, and have an Android or a Iphone, check out the New York Times app, the new one is pretty slick. I also grabbed the BBC and a local news source, along with USGS warnings.

Good luck. And good night.


  1. Read the Economist- its gotten a little worse in recent years, but still the best analysis.

  2. Thanks! I will add it to my list!

  3. It saddens me that all the news is depressing. On the other hand, though, all the crap people wanna know about it the sad shit...

  4. I go to UW - Eau Claire. We have free newspapers too but they are always full of right vs. left bullshit. I hate it.

  5. Interesting read, thanks for sharing!

  6. They also give out free newspapers here. They're mostly ads.

  7. guess there's something to that saying," the more you know, the worse it gets". i'd like to amend it to say '...the worse it seems'...there's good stuff every day,too

  8. Thanks for the update. Some of the news near me.

    - Japan radiation has reached UK seas
    - Gaddafi's foreign minister has fled to UK
    - Oldest man to be tried for attempted murder (98) appears in court today

  9. yeah, remember constantly watching the news in my dorm room since i'm a poli sci major. even listening to the same stories over and over again, even if their told slightly differently was entertaining to me.

  10. Free newspapers here -are- only ads.

  11. Public media makes me a sad panda.
    SO much misinformation just to get money.

  12. It's so hard to know what to take in anymore. I almost want to just give up, do my job, and go home.

  13. Thanks for the info. Good stuff.


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