For the love of Dobbs!

Please tell me the rain is finished! This rain is out of control...Five days straight. Severe flooding yesterday,
hail interspersed throughout, just to make things interesting...

On the upside, my cruddy video I put on youtube got used by ABCNews.. As a journalism student, this
is pretty nifty. I just wish that I had uploaded it as 1080p...Live and learn. Here's the cruddy video:

I got my camera, pictured below, but have been stuck in the damn house for this whole time...So no good
pix. Sadface, etc.

The rig itself is sweet as hell, though - even though it put me in the poorhouse, unless it gets stolen anytime soon, I should be able to take some good shots, and perhaps even get some skills...

I will be doing another post later about dendrochronology...But that will have to wait until AFTER my classes...

In the interim, please enjoy this video. We've just put the album into heavy rotation on our station, and people are digging it so far!

Come back later and learn about tree rings!


  1. cool camera man, can't wait to see some of your pictures

  2. congrats on the footage, that is horrible weather

  3. I've always wanted to throw down for a top/high end camera. Watching/looking at stuff like this just pushes me closer to doing so.

  4. that pretty cool your footage was on the news, thats something.

  5. sweet camera, sucks about the weather. judging by the title of this post your are indeed into journalism.

  6. really sweet camera!!
    waiting for first pictures!

  7. during our winters here it tends to rain like that... long bursts of rain and then months of bone dry heat in spring/summer.

  8. I really like the song. Hope you get some sunshine coming your way soon!

  9. It hasn't rained here in ages. It's weird.


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