Waiting for class to begin

Having hit the paywall that the New York Times has recently initiated, I find myself with dirty fingers again...
Toting around three pounds of ink and paper is a little silly, but almost a necessity when trying to kill time in between classes.

I received my Canon 60D this weekend, along with a batter-grip extender, memory card, remote control and instruction book. But no lenses. Those come this week. I cannot begin to tell how frustrating it was to have the body but not the lenses. I just stared, for three long days, and the body....Wishing a lens would appear.

Enough of my complaining. Here is a picture of my school. I did not take this picture....BECAUSE I HAVE NO LENSES!!

I am now going to walk around in a daze, hoping and praying that something interesting will happen before now and my class.


  1. your school is huge. looks very nice too
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    not a penny
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  2. well hopefully class will be more fun

  3. sweet, cant borrow someone elses lenses in the meantime?

  4. cool cool, i just got new lenses for my camera everyting looks so perfect

  5. Get some lenses! I wanna see more of your school.

  6. There are other things to do between classes?


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