Assignment: “A Place” in 10 Still Shots

" ---- Go somewhere and capture the place on video in 10 still shots.
Record at least 10-15 seconds of each shot (no movement).
Shots should be:
- correctly white-balanced.
- in focus.
-shots should vary in sizes and angles (wide, medium, close-ups)"

That was today's assignment in my introduction to video editing class I'm taking this summer. I am hopefully going learn how to manipulate raw video into something consumable by the masses, something good, polished and professional. 
The homework sounded simple enough. There was no mention however of back pain, or the probabilities involved with having everyone on campus magically disappear the moment a tripod is set up.

I decided to take my instructor's advise, and headed for the Greek Theater on campus...

Usually the theater is a bustling center of action - especially with the sun out for the first time in weeks. Not today. I took about 40 or 50 shots, each 15 seconds or thereabouts. Roughly 99.9% turned out terribly...Just awful. The glare on the LCD screen made it difficult to judge the focus, but after some more use, I'm sure I'll adapt.

I just killed a brown recluse that was in my bathroom. So I need to stop writing. I will, however, post a music video I found while researching the country my teacher is from - Uzbekistan. They seem to have some pretty damn groovy music! 

 And for class:

The catalog from today's shoot -

1 Shot of Chair and plaque
2 Shot of Theater with bus driving by
3 Up the stairs
4 Looking up at details with clouds
5 Students walking by
6 Closeup of plaque
7 Angles and details
8 Trees moving
9 Shadows of columns
10 Integrity


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