Homework: 10 Shots video

(Another possibly boring post for the reader, exciting for me)

Our esteemed teacher, truly a master of his art, has asked us to take ten shots and then edit them down to three seconds apiece. We were then told - nay, ORDERED - to compile these into a thirty second film.

I would say that the word "film" is used loosely, but I truly believe my work to be staggeringly important. I have a deep belief that these mere 30 seconds will change the life of EVERYONE who has the privilege to view it. Mark my words - within a year, each and every person on the planet will have watched it.

They will all celebrate me as a hero, a savior. I will become a billionaire and will put each and every child through college, then set them up with a job editing my future full length films. These films will undoubtedly be the cornerstone for the next evolution in the human species, as it will help propel us into the stars as a swarm. And all because of this 30 second clip.

Or not.

Probably not.

10 Shots of Love from Geojour on Vimeo.

This is a collection of ten still shots, each one at a different angle as well as different zooms. All shots were taken under manual mode, with the white balance set appropriately (I HOPE!) There was not much action
at the theater, so the clips are fairly boring. For this, I apologize. The clips were all supposed to be three seconds, though somehow I managed to lose three seconds somewhere. I did not, unfortunately, notice this in my haste to get tacos after completing the task at hand. I personally blame the fine cuisine of Mexico.

The object of the exercise was to begin an understanding of cuts as well as a peek into the power of Final Cut Pro. Using the JKL keys makes the job so much easier. It is a shame I am so poor. I now actually WANT a Mac. DAMNIT. I thought I could hold out.

Pass the Kool-Aid.


  1. 27 seconds, and not bad, some shots looked good, wherever you live it looks very windy.

  2. needs more post production editing


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