Reflect on the assignment "Controlling Light"

"- Tell us about your experience. 
- Reflect on the difficulties and challenges while completing the assignment."
I have just begun an introduction to video editing class. I'm excited about learning how to use some new tech
as well as having someone show me how to do things CORRECTLY. Each student was given a nice shiny HD video rig:

and told to run through a series of shots...These included setting the white balance, and then demonstrating both correct white balances and incorrectly set ones. The gain was then demonstrated, as well as a few other features available on this camera. Having just read a boatload of photography blogs, magazines, Wikipedia articles, a book and a thick instruction manual, I didn't feel nearly as lost as I was afraid I would be. Video is much different, however, than still photography, and simple things like making sure the file format was the correct one was but one of a multitude of settings and issues I had to deal with. Daunting. But manageable. I'm still grappling with F-stops, but maybe I will figure it all out in the next six weeks.

We were told to come up with a concept and then direct our thoughts toward creating a cohesive story to convey about the subject(s). I didn't have to think long - something, anything, about our campus's radio station - KXUA. Let's hope it turns out well!

Now for some jazz, a nice glass of barley pop, and some sleep.


  1. sounds like you have been very bus recently. hopefully you get all of your work done.

  2. sounds like a pretty tough assignment

  3. Im not too keen on jazz but this was defo ok.

  4. Mmmmmm Barley-pop. My favorite!

  5. Interesting. Hope it doesn't squash any creativity.

  6. im jealous, put it to good use


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