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 (This is a post specifically for my Introduction to Video Editing class - it may be a little boring for anyone NOT involved in the class...But no more boring than most of my posts!)

We have been tasked with finding a compelling story which would make a good short video, no longer than five minutes. I have been trying, mostly in vain, to come up with a concept that contains the necessary component of conflict. At first I wanted to do a piece about the radio station I work at. Not much conflict there, unless you count the abrupt juxtaposition of music that happens constantly (indie rock into folk metal, for instance...). One idea I was playing with, and am still considering, would be a study on the parking enforcement employees and the obvious conflict that they create day in and day out. It would be as easy, I believe, as following them around and filming. Eventually we should get lucky enough to actually capture an angry citizen ready to strangle the enforcement agent. The story could also just examine the stress that is introduced by simple virtue of the job itself. OR perhaps we could find an evil enforcement agent who actually relishes his or her job, flashing a devilish glint every time they write a ticket or have a car towed. This too needs to be fleshed out more in order to be considered.

But another idea has surfaced, thanks to my neighbors. Before we explore that, however, let us take a quick comedy break. At least I think this is comedy....

The new idea seems like it has a tremendous amount of potential - but only if the facts can be verified. For this reason, I will remain a little vague about names and institutions, but the basic premise is this: A woman's full contact football team has been formed in our area. This is apparently something that is occurring across the country, as well as locally. This particular team has, apparently, had difficulty finding a location on which to practice. From what I was told, it is being interpreted as a case of gender bias and possible sexism. This has two possible outcomes: the story arc could show the perceived wrongdoing as something other than what it is - perhaps a simple liability issue that was misconstrued. Or, if I was lucky (and they unlucky) it COULD indeed be a gender issue. Since I am a nerd who knows next to nothing about football, the story would be completely based on the issue that was told to me.

I am fairly certain that this will open a new chapter in American history, and I will be the triumphant leader of a new revolution, replete with flowing sable robes and a scepter. Or at the very least an interesting story about gender discrimination OR how people assume the worst without looking deeply into it. Either way, I believe it has potential.


  1. hehe that video was hilarious. your concept is pretty good too imo

  2. Now come and get your Ritilin was funny lol.

  3. cool, im looking forward

  4. Awwww Yaaaa, i'm looking to more


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