I need to get around to posting some of my pix from Wakarusa. I had a press pass which allowed me to get on stage and take pictures of whomever I wanted to. Thievery Corporation and Ben Harper offered the most dramatic pictures, and I still need to edit them in raw....But here is one, unedited, nothing amazing, just one of my favorites from Thievery Corporation..

More to come!

Ok...one more...

Many, many, many more. So much time will have to be spent getting them edited down, that it's almost too daunting a task. I suppose a diet of caffeine and B vitamins will be in order.


  1. Defo no luck there lol. Argh I accidently clicked on the scientology thing by mistake.

  2. sucks. looks like you have carpet to vacuum

  3. I think you are better than most mmmm


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