Building an android app from scratch

It has been a very busy past few weeks for ol' Geojour here, but I think I now have enough time scheduled to actually post something useful or idiotic again on a daily or bi-daily (or transdaily?) basis.

I have decided to try to build an app for Android that will launch my radio station's (KXUA) stream.

I know a little about script languages from many moons ago, so I am pretty much a noob. But this video appears to be decent, and after the beer wears off, I am going to re-watch it and start to build. What is lame - unless it is just me - is that the "Hello World" tutorial built into the help file of Motodev seems to reference non existent links in the sdk.

Here is the video:

If you know of a better one, or better yet a chunk of open source code for launching mp3 streams that are available via http as ".pls" files, please leave a link in the comment section!


  1. Thanks for sharing this!!! I needed this:P

    +following and supporting ;)

  2. Does the IOS and Android use the same kind of code for programming apps?

    That'd be something to look into as you could make money off the app store with apple.

  3. seems difficult, don't think i could ever do it. I'm surprised so many people do.

  4. Cool post. Seems hard though, especially since I suck at this stuff.

  5. oh, I am going to try this. Thanks!

  6. this seems relevant to my interests


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