Introduction to Photojournalism: First Photo

(If you are not my teacher or a fellow student in my class, this post will likely be of zero interest to you. HOWEVER, please feel free to post comments about how terrible my shots are!)

Purpose: To become acquainted with the digital camera, explore your world and take photos, and to begin to develop a caption/cutline style.
Assignment: Identify something of a newsworthy nature, outdoors and shoot many different angles, high, low, far to the left, far to the right, and a variety of wide angle, medium angle and extreme closeup images. Photograph anyone doing anything of a newsworthy nature. (must include a person in the frame as the subject)Submit: Pick one photo to upload to your Blackboard account.Include contact sheet with image submitted outlined in red, and a caption.Transfer these to blog site of your choice such as Posterous, Tumblr, Wordpress, or Blogger, and submit the link as well as one image, that of your choice to your Blackboard account.
Make sure all images are uploaded and resized to screen resolution (72 pixels per inch).
Include a caption/cutline indicating:
  • Who is that? (And, in most cases, identify people from left to right unless the action in the photograph demands otherwise.)
  • Why is this picture in the paper?
  • What's going on?
  • When and where was this?
  • Why does he/she/it/they look that way?
  • How did this occur?
  • Use the present tense to describe what is in the picture.
  • Always double check identifications in a cutline. This rule cannot be stressed too much. Many news organizations have gotten themselves into deep trouble through misidentification of people in a cutline, so cutline writers should take great care.
  • Be as specific as possible in cutlines. Add to the reader’s knowledge, and go beyond what the reader can see in the picture. A cutline is useless if it simply tells the reader what can be seen already.
  • Try to avoid cutline clich├ęs. “Looking on,” “is pictured” and other such expressions are trite and usually avoidable.
Tie this all together with another detail (such as the fact that its a hobby or a habit or that they have an established history of doing this, etc)

I have given up. I am unable to select just one image. There are three, of the thousands, that is not of my sister-in-law and her team (conflict of interest?) that I think help illustrate the event in different ways. One is an epic fail that had a chance to be pretty damned cool.

In all of these images, I was unable to get the names of those involved, due to sheer logistics. I will attempt to create appropriate caption/cutlines.

"Anticipation builds as fans and family eagerly await the arrival of their team."

This guy exemplifies what I felt like during the entire event. The only difference is that he had enough forethought to bring a monopod.

This could have been a great shot, if only I had lined it up better, perhaps spent some time thinking and less time pushing down on the shutter.
And, to finish things off, here are my contact sheets. These only identify a small percentage of the shots I took - so you know I have a long way to go.


  1. Bah, they're not terrible.

    Love the INTENSE stare of the dude in the second pick. He deserved a close up!

  2. I really like that first picture for some reason, even though you probably were focusing on the biker the depth of field makes it a very pleasing photo.

  3. I like the last photo. Makes me want to buy a camera. :D

  4. I think these are pretty good, actually. Captures some good action, especially the one coming out of the water.

  5. ah your shots aren't terrible man!

  6. As someone not into photograph I say, Cool photos. The first one catches my eye the others on close examination tell a story.

  7. Ok I am not your teacher or classmate but your photos are nice!

  8. really didnt think that much went into this.

  9. It's tough to select just one I'm sure.

  10. I like that last photo.. makes me wanna go for a swim.

  11. i am not a fanatic of pictures or photos but somehow i want to ask about the scenerio in pictures where are from ? was a Race? also the third one cannot see exactly what are those things in water and if they guy is holding a guitar or is other thing o.o??? sorry if i said something bad o.o

  12. I thought they were decent pics.

  13. I always thought monopods were large and unhelpful. could you explain how they work?

  14. Some pretty good shots you've got there... Keep on snapping!

  15. Liked the last one very much


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