Light and Shadow

(Yet another post that will, more than likely, be of no interest to anyone other than my teacher or classmates! WOOT!)

The official description of the project will be at the bottom of this post.

The essence of this project was to capture light and shadow interacting. I sat for hours waiting for a transaction of some sort - seedy or not - without any luck. But I think I got a half decent shot that shows an interesting contrast between photons and smaller amounts of photons.

(I am not sure if I need to caption this, but just in case, here goes nothing!) 
FAYETTEVILLE, Ark.  - Ignoring the rampant oxidization within their vicinity, a valiant and often successful attempt to arrive at and reflect the decaying iron is made by countless photons. 

Please enjoy my contact sheets! I know my family has.


Purpose: Photography means "light writing". If you can learn to see light, your photos will have a much greater chance of success. This assignment should awaken you to the unique qualities of light.
What to do: Make a photograph in which the quality of light is the primary element. This should be a situation where light is what makes the photo successful. Look for patterns made by shadows and textures. Abstractions of commonplace items are one approach to this assignment. Photography means light writing. If you can learn to SEE light your photos will have a much greater impact and chance of success. This assignment should awaken you to the unique qualities of light.
  • Some lighting can fool your light meter.
  • Look for strong, bold patterns of light and shadow.
  • Shadows from bushes and trees are hard to photograph well. The background on which the shadows fall is most important.
  • Fence Rows, Architectural columns, repetition of patterns, and texture all work well for this.
Common Mistakes:
  • shadow pattern not bold enough
  • too far away from the subject
  • poor contrast
  • electronic contact sheet
  • marked file on contact sheet (circled in red)
  • (1) 72 ppi 8x10 digital file
  • caption information embedded in file info area as well as caption information in the "comments" section of Blackboard
Grading criteria: Your creativity in seeing light as evidenced by all the frames on the contact sheet in addition to all the technical criteria from previous assignments.



  1. You're right I did not find this intresting at all. But I did enjoy the photograph. Its very eye catchy!

  2. Nice way of putting it like that. ^^

    Lighting & Contrast are major importantays.

  3. It's hard to see those tiny photo's. Is that what they call a proof sheet?

  4. if I had a good camera I'd totally do this for you

  5. Yeah... You should've just taken some pictures of high contrast shadows. Or on the sky thru the leaves of a tree. Something like that.

  6. Whatever man, this looks good. I like the fence shadows.


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