Reflection on Project One (Soundslides)

Reflection For Assignment One

            During the process of collection photographs, nat sounds and interviews, everything seemed to be going fine. The quality of the images looked to be on par with what I was attempting to accomplish and the audio was precisely what I was looking for. I generally used a 24mm lens, but did swap over to a 50mm from time to time. I must admit that since my 24mm lens is a “pro” lens, I tend to give it much more priority during any shoot. In retrospect, my little used 18mm would have added a nice contrast and dimension. Since shooting the project, I acquired an ultra-wide 8mm lens which would have been wonderful to capture the feeling of being surrounded by thousands of cans – food just waiting for a poor sod like myself to pick up.

            With respect to the audio, I believe that the actual recorded audio – which was acquired using both a semi-professional quality Zoom four channel digital recorder, as well as my Android smartphone as a redundant backup device. For some reason, when placed in the timeline for SoundSlides, the levels were much lower than those set in Audacity. As I have quite a bit of experience with Audacity, I must conclude that I missed an important setting in SoundSlides. Though I do find the program (SoundSlides) to be quite user friendly and easy to navigate, there must be some functions that I over looked. This will not be the case on the next project.

            The possibilities for producing and providing a project that has the potential for helping raise awareness for a charitable organization are blatantly obvious after this endeavor. If placed in the appropriate venues, significant increases in traffic to the organization’s web presence would most likely occur. One potential “danger” here may well be the desire to volunteer for every organization used in these projects. As I am a recipient of food from the pantry, the focus of my project, I feel it is my duty to volunteer there during the summer. However, undoubtedly I would feel similarly with regards to any other charity.

            All things said and done, the production experience has helped to plant a seed which is lending creative ideas to my internal project processing routine. I have lamented what I now consider “incorrect” over-use of the 24mm lens and will remember to work with lenses that allow for more of a bokeh with regards to aperture adjustments and shutter speeds. (That 24mm is great for large depth of field, but is virtually impossible to capture a nice bokeh!) I will also need to sit down and troubleshoot the audio issue. I intended to do more creative processes in photoshop, but as most of my work was done on a sub-par home PC that could BARELY run photoshop, I decided to skip that. Next time I will not – I have a new Mac in my office which is more than capable of performing this task. I believe with the use of video and perhaps stacked images, much like I used in this project, to simulate movement will keep the viewer engaged. All in all the entire process was both rewarding and entertaining!


  1. Did I miss a lead in post for this? I don't feel Like I had any idea what you where talking about.

  2. You should really scrap that PC, it can't even run photoshop smoothly?

  3. Photography sounds like a pretty complicated thing!


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