New Spiritualized!!!!

I cannot express how excited I am! The new Spiritualized Album, "Sweet Heart, Sweet Light" arrived last week and is going into heavy rotation today, here at our little (but kickass!) student run college radio station! Check out this messed up video - and I do mean messed up. The end is....well, I didn't see that coming.


  1. Never seen this before, have to say, I find it very nice when you notice effort in someones work. It makes it more entertaining to watch.

    And yes, the ending was quite a suprise to me too.

    You got a nice blog going, and another follower =)

  2. Yeah that was weird to say the least. But yay for new music :D

  3. song is good, but the portrait it paints is hard to watch. When she left that little boy in the car I cringed so hard.

  4. That ending was epic, I didn't know that was gonna happen until I saw it. Great video!

  5. Oh my...messed up for sure.
    After reading your lastline I was expecting the transvestite to compete in Miss.Universe contest and win the crown. :)


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