Help Portrait Soundslide Presentation

Here is my second soundslide presentation for my Photojournalism II class.

This one features a project by the Help-Portrait organization. They help those who cannot afford photographs get professional shots done. In this particular situation, they were helping highschool seniors who simply could not afford their senior pictures.

Click here to see!

      • Submission Field : The Help-Portrait high-school senior assignment was very interesting. Not only were there plenty of good photo opportunities, but I had the chance to work with professionals and learn some tips and tricks that normally would have taken years to acquire. My over-zealous approach to getting photos led to a bit of a quandary:  I had forgotten to obtain interviews!! Though I had a bevy of what I consider good pictures I had a problem. This proved to be easily rectified by narrating the majority of the presentation while using interviews collected by Emily Rhodes, a reporter for the Traveler.

        During the shoot, my primary lens began to fail. Though this was cause for consternation, I made due with my 50mm prime and other lenses. All in all, the shoot went well.

        I do need to learn a more streamlined approach to workflow. It takes me hours - sometimes over twelve - to sort through images (in, of course, RAW format) and edit them. That has been my major bottleneck as of late. Luckily, I did catch a glimpse of the editors and saw their skills. It all looks very doable and the learning curve should not be too difficult.

        Luckily I had an extra SD card with me. I somehow managed to fill my 32g card about an hour before the event was finished! ALWAYS CARRY MULTIPLE CARDS!


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