T.Jay Travler Multimedia Presentation

This is my submission for the upcoming edition of the Traveler's online version of their yearly magazine. It focuses on local hip-hop artist and producer T.Jay. It was created using Soundslides on both a windows machine and a Mac. The windows machine died moments after creating this, causing much consternation.

Click here for the presentation!

      • My favorite subject to shoot is performers - concerts and shows to be precise. I must admit that a rush overcomes me when I run around, practically ON the stage with the performers, swapping out lenses and bodies as the environment changes and morphs. Lighting is a tremendous consideration that I am still learning. Admittedly many of my shots, while "good", were not print-worthy. As you pointed out, shadows have dominated many of my shots taken at certain angles. This was only my second shoot with my new flash, and though I used a diffuser, I may have had the power set too high.

        I do believe that since I planned ahead of time what my overall idea was, my job was MUCH easier and more streamlined. I felt ALMOST like a professional! I sat and listened to T.Jays albums over and over so I would be familiar with the changes and important moments in the songs - and that paid off. I was able to envision and capture shots I anticipated - and this will stick with me forever. I have a summer set up through the Walton Arts Center of concert and show shoots, and this show will help tremendously.

        Again, I ran into a workflow issue. I spent over twenty hours on the images alone - the simple act of batch converting took overnight. Couple this with a faulty video card, two gigs of ram AND A VIRUS which shut down my primary hard drive at the very end of the project, I found myself extremely frustrated but kept pushing onward. I have learned to back EVERYTHING up on external drives, and do so redundantly on two terabyte  drives. Thankfully this paid off - my system crashed during the very last moments of the soundslide creation project. Had I not saved it, I would have been dead in the water.

        All in all, this project was my favorite. The guest list and comped drinks (which I did not indulge in until my 32g card was full!) certainly helped. As did feeling like a rockstar running around and not only taking pictures but making contacts. I actually scored another paying gig photographing a different hip-hop group! My summer may well not be as destitute as I thought.


  1. That soundslide thing shows up strangely in Chrome, it's off to the side covering your right content bar.


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