Group Photos

Purpose: Another of the most common photo assignments is the group shot. There are better ways to make this photo than the usual execution-style line up. You will learn some of these as well as how to control a group of people when they are in front of your camera.
Make a group photo of between 5 and 7 ADULTS. Arrange the people in an interesting way, remembering the following:
  • Keep heads on different levels
  • Use foreground/background separation
  • Use environmental details if appropriate
  • If you want to make an album-cover shot, go ahead but be sure to include a selection of more conservative images.
  • Children
  • Your fraternity/sorority brothers or sisters
  • Friends or relatives
  • Mugging for the camera with childish poses
  • Bad Backgrounds
  • Waiting to shoot till the the day it is due
  • one 8x10 image at 72 PPI with caption information embedded in the image file
  • cut line and caption information in the "comments" section of Blackboard (don't forget to credit the photographer)
  • one digital contact sheet with image submitted circled in red
 "The 2012 cast of Gridiron poses for their closing night post-show party."

My stupid photoshop is still not functional - but I am submitting a handful of the images instead of the contact sheet. 
As for my treatment proposal: After working with the Volunteer Action Center a few times, I believe I have some new ideas to use in order to make a cleaner presentation with a bit more depth, as well as a more pronounced call for action. I will be using both the Zoom FX digital recorder as well as my phone as a backup. Shots will be comprised of multiple angle, simulated movement and different aspect ratios in what I hope will be a pleasing manner. I also plan on making extensive use of my 8mm lens along with my oft-ignored 50mm. The soundtrack will be coupled with a consistant nat soundtrack in an attempt to create a more dynamic aural atmosphere. My full plan is to actually try to get people to volunteer, not just to become aware of the program. Wish me luck!


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