People And Weather

Purpose: This is one of the most common assignments in photojournalism. As with the "Person at Work" assignment, you will continue building your skill at approaching strangers and making photos that must tell a specific story. 
WHAT TO DO: Make a photo that shows how people are affected by the weather. This is a challenge to your imagination and resourcefulness. Remember, the weather does not have to be rainy for this assignment to be successful. People are affected by sunshine, fog, and all types of weather. Set-up shots are not appropriate for this assignment. Try the stake-out technique. Find a spot where something is most likely to happen and wait for the action to come to you. A large puddle on a busy walkway is one example. Avoid the cliche shot of a person carrying an umbrella, riding a bicycle, or lying on a lawn reading or sleeping.
For best results, keep your camera with you at all times and look for photo opportunities everywhere you go. Those who put this assignment off until the morning the assignment is due usually has trouble finding a strong photo.
REMINDER: Remember, you cannot learn to deal with strangers by photographing family, friends or roommates. A 10-point penalty may be assessed for violations of this rule.
  • Failure to visually connect people with the weather
  • bull's eye vision
  • weak focal point
  • procrastination
  • proof sheet with image chose circled in red as a jpeg file
  • your chosen image formatted at 72ppi at 8x10 inches
  • complete caption information including names in "comments" section of Blackboard
Grading Criteria: You will be graded on how well you have shown people being affected by or dealing with the weather, as well as all of the technical considerations from previous assignments. Check contrast and local control of under or over exposed areas before submitting the image.

"Molly McDaniel rushes across the Union mall on her way to class during Tuesdays brief rainstorm." 

These shots were taken with my wide-angle lens, and the only real editing I did was to adjust for the lighting. I do realize that the framing is not as spectacular as I had anticipated, but you can see what I was going for, I hope.
Also: I was under the assumption that I was submitting this on time.. But apparently it was due yesterday?

I am going to submit the images only right now - I have a media board meeting this afternoon shortly, and this system doesn't have Photoshop. I am hoping I can re-submit later - if not, I will email them to you.


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