Person Outside At Work

Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is to introduce you to basic photographic technique and to give you confidence in approaching strangers to take pictures and get details for a cutline.
Assignment: Photograph a person outdoors at work and feature the details of that work and the person.
  • Feature the person's face and details of the person's line of work.
  • Ask yourself, " Does the image tell a story? "
  • Observe the edges of the frame and where the masses of image content are located within the frame and relative to the top and bottom and right and left of the frame.
  • Avoid "bull's - eye syndrome".
  • MUST HAVE PERSON' S NAME in cutline/caption.
Submit: (1) 8"x10" image at 72 ppi to your Blackboard account. Include a contact sheet generated in Adobe Photoshop with the assignment submission circled in red, and a caption in the "comments" section of Blackboard, attributing yourself as photographer.
Grading Criteria : Maximum 100 points. Half for technical quality and half for content. Factors include: • Reader interest • How well we understand this person's relation to his or her work • Technical proficiency with exposure, focus, ISO and post processing

Foto de Zeek Martin
Un obrero fue víctima de un accidente la semana pasada en la Universidad de Arkansas. Un muro de concreto le cayó al obrero, pero ahora se encuentra en condición estable, a pesar de haberle sacado tremendo susto a varios testigos.


Photo by Zeek Martin
A worker was the victim of an accident last week at the University of Arkansas when a concrete wall collapsed on him while working at a construction site. The unidentified laborer is reported to be in stable condition. 

I am hoping for extra credit on this one, as I managed to get this photo published in the area's Spanish language newspaper.


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