Photo Illustration

Capture an image to illustrate a make believe story, and indicate what the story is about. In addition create a photo illustration with software, (Adobe Camera Raw, Faux HDR, Photomatic HDR or Photoshop Filter) or other technique to illustrate another story that requires a photo illustration.
Use the camera for your illustration and use in camera techniques or software. 
Examples of this are HDR images, panoramas, long exposures, multiple exposures, light painting, or variations and combinations of any of the above.
Explain the technique and include technical details including exposure, camera details, software details etc.
PURPOSE: FUN. Now you get a chance to experiment.
Make a photo illustration shot including any of a number of different elements:
  • long shutter speed shots
  • Double or multiple exposure shots
  • multiple flash shots (painting with light)
  • colored gel/flash shots, etc are options.
  • filters or effects in software (i.e. photo merge in Photoshop, or HDR in Photomatix)
 These are meant to be done either IN CAMERA OR with Adobe Photoshop or other software.
  • a contact sheet with 24-36 images from the shoot
  • ONE 72ppi 8x10 file
  • include in comment field information describing the effects, what you were striving for and how you did it.
  The picture of this pigeon-shrine of a man from NYC was one of my favorites I've taken this year. I didn't want it to "go to waste" so to speak, so I decided to use him.
I created two layers, and turned one to black and white. I then put the color layer in the background and cut the man out from the black and white layer.
I've always wanted to do this, so it was extra fun!


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