Scheduled Event

PURPOSE: This assignment is designed to give you experience in photographing an uncontrolled event where you will have to move in front of a large crowd to get your photos.
WHAT TO DO: Many newsworthy events are actually planned in advance. Find such an event by checking calendar sections of the newspaper, campus papers, student calendar, and so on.
The event must meet these criteria:
  • There must be a large crowd of spectators.
  • The crowd must be watching a central event.
  • Make it easy for yourself and find a DAYTIME, OUTDOOR event.
  • Shoot indoors only after checking with me.
ACCEPTABLE events include:
  • Marching band contest
  • Kite flying contest
  • Greek Olympics
  • Parades
  • political protests or marches
PROHIBITED events include:
  • Sports action
  • Swap Meets
  • bake sales
  • speakers in the campus free speech area (unless the event degenerates into a heated debate, violent protest rally, or brawl)
  • any event that does not have a central activity and a large crowd of spectators.
  • Make photos that tell the story of the event. Cover the main action as well as what else is going on.
  • Try to choose a photo that ties the audience with the central activity, but don't force it if it isn't there.
  • Use the SATURATION method. Watch the background and find strong focal points and try the rule of thirds.
  • Look for details. Move in CLOSE.
  • AVOID more than 2 or 3 pictures of a person talking into a microphone.
  • Be prepared to use more than one compact flash card. There is no excuse for running out of card space.
  • Also be prepared to provide caption information for all the photos you take, including NAMES.
  • Contact sheet with image choice outlined in red
  • One 8x10 72 PPI image file with caption information embedded in file
  • Cut line information, including correct spelling of names, and photographer credited and caption information in the "comments" section of Blackboard.
"Soldiers stand in formation during the commemoration of the University's new memorial flagpole located outside of Old Main."

Photo by Zeek Martin

I am hopeful that you will allow me to get a little extra credit for this. I had one of the images (not the one I selected, but it is included) published in La Prensa Libre!
(And did not get paid!)

Again, due to ANOTHER meeting coming up, I am unable to sit on a machine with Photoshop. The image named "This One" is the one! THE ONE! 


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