Multipath Propagation!

Multipath propagation is defined as the presence of multiple signals arriving at the receiver antenna simultaneously. Signals that are in phase will add to one another. Signals that are out of phase will cancel one another.

What does this mean, actually? If  you listen to radio regularly, and perhaps live in a mountainous region or even a large city, sometimes the signal leaving the transmission tower for a radio station will "split" into multiple signals, which get to your radio at different times - usually in nanoseconds. Many times, as it is here in my neck of the woods, you will hear an "echo" or perhaps even degradation of the signal.

In amateur radio, it is MUCH more prevalent. Here is an excellent example:


  1. Pretty cool didn't know wat caused that

  2. Wow nice to know. I never knew there was so much involved in listening to the radio.

  3. We live in a valley in a rural section of PA. it happens all the time, a bit frustrating but at least I now know why:) Thanks for sharing...

  4. That's interesting to know, thanks for the info!


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