Stranded in Paradise!

I've been stuck at the radio station now since 4:00pm yesterday. That is almost 24 hours! Luckily, we have a very comfortable bed, shower, food and most importantly, beer in stock. I've been waking up every hour or two in order to clear off the dish so we keep receiving content to broadcast - a radio station that isn't broadcasting is just a building. My dog is here with me, and while we have plenty of people food, she is running out. My car ALMOST made it all the way - I got stranded about 100 feet away from our parking lot. As it turns out, a Toyota Echo, while very fuel efficient, sucks in snow. Who knew?

Here is our dish, covered in more new snow that needs to be removed....

Exciting, huh? Looks like I'll be sleeping here again tonight!


  1. Thanks for the visit earlier.

    You sound pretty cheery in spite of being snowed in.

  2. I hope you're getting paid OT for this!

  3. Thanks for stopping by earlier!
    You are taking this whole situation pretty cool.

  4. i don't have a dish/that kind of tv connection because i have heard snow is a big problem when you do!!

    sounds like you are stuck in a good place, if you have to be stuck!!


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